System Description

Max. Number of Stations: 1 (one) main station and
up to sixty-one (61) substations
Max. Number of Zones: 1 (one)
Arrival Signals per station: 1 (one)
Diverters: 2-way, 3-way
Operation Mode: Single zone configuration. Reversing system for the transport between 1 main station and up to 61 substations. The main station can communicate with each substation and vice versa. The substations cannot correspond with another.

System Example

AC24M pneumatic air tube system diagram
This Pneumatic Tube System shows an EWS station as a main station and slides stations as sub stations. At the EWS, independent from the status of operation, at each time a carrier can be stored. The sub-stations have no storage facility. After a sending process has been finished, the next carrier can be inserted and a sending process can start.

Microprocessor controls for the fully automatic coordination and monitoring of all functions.

Features of the AC24M System

  • Fully automatic, variable, microprocessor controlled system
  • The central control unit is built-in into the main station
  • The operation of the central control unit is done by means of the keyboard of the main-station. Feed backs are shown in the display of the station.
  • System layout as desired, branching by 2- or 3-way-diverters
  • Different station types
  • Pneumatically deceleration of arriving carriers
  • Data protection by code number
  • Interfaces: Serial Current-Loop, as well RS-232 for terminal or Host-computerr.
  • The data transfer is done by a serial RS-485 interface.
  • Operation and control of all parts in service mode
  • In service mode all system devices can be tested and analysed by the central control unit
  • After power failure a lost carrier goes positively to the main-station
  • A monitoring device ensures, that the system immediately goes back to state of standby, if a stored carrier is removed again.
  • With the addition of a compatible printer the CCU will print out a log of all transmissions. Information includes, date, time, sending and receiving stations and the continous sending number. Backdated the last 120 sending processes are recallable. If valuable goods are transported, in addition also the operated tube switches can be printed out.
  • Printer can be set to print out system troubles only.
  • System data, topography and actual datas are stored, also in case of power failure
  • Dry contact for building services control center
  • Automatically or manually clearing
  • Real time clock
  • Programming mode. Topography- and system data will be entered and stored by the keyboard of the main-station.
  • Electronic overlap safeguard recognises a situation where two or more carriers are transmissioned at the same time (for example in case of open stations), recognises the error and automatically return the carriers to their point of origin.
Station Types Used As: Tube Diameter (mm)
Main Station Substation OD 90 OD 110 ND 124 OD 160
COM yes yes yes
EWS yes yes yes yes yes
Slide Station yes yes yes yes yes yes
OE yes yes yes yes yes

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