About aerocom Israel

aerocom Israel is the leading group for pneumatic conveying Systems in Israel and specializes by providing flexibility transportation solutions which particularly adapted to the customer needs.

The group has 27 years experience in planning, construction and providing services for wide range of clients.

aerocom Israel is committed to service and sees the professionalism, excellence, honesty, integrity and courtesy as its most important value.
Our technical division provides excellent service 24/7 hours all over the year nationwide!!!

aerocom Service system include: customer service department and technicians with advanced communications and sophisticated service laboratory.
Software support department staff which develops unique tools to solve customers' demands and Help Desk service operates troubleshooting instantly via remote login to the client computer
The group sees the employees, customers and suppliers as partners in our way for success progressing.

aerocom Israel is a business partner of the aerocom GmbH the world's largest manufacturer and at the forefront of technology in pneumatic conveying systems.
The group sees the protection of the environment as target and focused on providing ecological solutions and services to its customers through a subsidiary company – called: BioClean ecological solutions.
Our clients include most of the Hospitals and Medical Centers in Israel, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense, municipalities, airport authorities, industrial factories and the private market.